Stardoll's Catwalk!

Hey Guy's, as we all know Stardoll added a Catwalk a long time ago, for you're medoll's to getvoted, and win a trophy. But is it me or is the winner's out-fit always ugly, I mean ALWAYS!
For example: emansamir, her outfit is just, just ugly! I don't mean to offend her or anything, but she could have done better then this. The whole thing doesn't make any sense. Firstly; That jacket with that beautiful dress is just a train crash, and to make matters worse those necklaces', really? The shoes with the stockings are pretty, but I don't think they quite match with the over-all outfit.

See are yourself? (: (Sorry if I've offend anyone.)


  1. Finally! Someone had to tell the truth about those ugly outfits, I totally agree with you and my eyes hurt when I see outfits like this in the stardoll homepage.

  2. I don't mind the jacket over the dress ( I don't prefer it, but it doesn't bother me) but all the other is just plain UGLY!

  3. And did you notice as well, all of the first place winners are dolls from 2006,or 2007 !!

  4. People these days, vote for anybody just to get the SC :)


  5. THANK YOU!!! Finally, a blog that explains my feelings about stardoll! I totally agree. Some of the catwalk winners are totally unstylish and unoriginal. Someone won today, that was on level 15 and had no style whatsoever! ( no offense ) There are so many amazing dolls out there that have amazing outfits, but never win! And then the ugly, and just bad ones win! It gets me mad! :(