Hot or Not?

The 123,456,789 member celebration free clothes!
What do you think? Hot or Not? Worn by Hunnlgall.

Selena says: I love the dress and tights. The 'collar' looks like burnt toast, meanwhile the boots looks like they were made in the nineties! The clutch-purse looks like a coffee stained envelope.
But we all have different opinions and I am eager to hear yours! 

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Who is closest? Ashton or Ava

Hey Guy's, as most of you know the famous 'Radio Perez', have started themed Parties a few weeks ago, And this week their theme party is 'MTV Video Music Awards'. Their mission was to find a memorable outfit at the VMA's. Most of the members that had dressed up, were dressed up as Lady Gaga. Now...this is where it gets interesting. 2 Stardoll members chose the same Artist, Year and of course outfit! D: i know! They were Ashton (Ashy_loves_you) and Ava (Tylercon). They have chosen Lady Gaga at the 'MTV VMA' wearing the world famous: John Paul Gaultier Corset Dress. The question is, who wore it better?, and who was the closest to the original outfit? You decide!

Ashton, or


Stardoll's Catwalk!

Hey Guy's, as we all know Stardoll added a Catwalk a long time ago, for you're medoll's to getvoted, and win a trophy. But is it me or is the winner's out-fit always ugly, I mean ALWAYS!
For example: emansamir, her outfit is just, just ugly! I don't mean to offend her or anything, but she could have done better then this. The whole thing doesn't make any sense. Firstly; That jacket with that beautiful dress is just a train crash, and to make matters worse those necklaces', really? The shoes with the stockings are pretty, but I don't think they quite match with the over-all outfit.

See are yourself? (: (Sorry if I've offend anyone.)


Love It or Hate It

Capture of: Urban Bohemia
Do you love it or hate it? 

My thoughts: I think it looks nice, she has captured the true bohemian feeling with her style!
For me, bohemian clothing can be really boring but it is still something about it that really draws me in! 
I could never pull it off, as it isn't my style. But I admire the people who do manage to pull it off. Like this girl.

Love it or Hate it.

(During the week there will be random segments, such as: 'Love it, or Hate it!')

Capture Of: plowers
Love it, or Hate it?
Eamonn's Thoughts: In my opinion is quite like this outfit. It's very chic
yet classy. Everyone always loves the Black & White colour Palette.
But what are your thoughts on it?

Leave a comment below.



Firstly; I'd like to welcome you all to 'Fashion Police: Dollywood Edition'. Secondly; Your hostess' are: Eamonn (FashionMan.) and Selena (Ruubin). 'Fashion Police: Dollywood Edition' is pretty much the same as real life's 'Fashion Police - E!'. Eamonn, Selena and a spacial guest, will be judging on Stardoll's biggest and lowest Elites, and Covergirl's. 'Fashion Police: Dollywood Edition' will happen each week on Saturday nights (not live!)

Next time to air: 3rd September '11.
Get Ready!
Guest Judge: That's for us to know! and you to find out.